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au centre ville historique de Saint-Malo.

You will always get a better price and better conditions if you book your hotel
room directly.
Unlike commercials broadcast by online travel agencies, the cancellation terms
are the same or more advantageous if you book at the hotel or on the hotel
On the websites of hotels you will always find much more information to make
your choice and prepare your stay; map, parking, choice of rooms, availability,
tourist environment …
Why it is cheaper when you book directly at the hotel ?
Hotelkeepers have to pay commissions to online travel agencies (OTAs)
These commissions are at least 17% excluding taxes. They are much higher if the hotel
wants a better ranking or SEO on these sites. The more the hotel pays, the better it is ranked
by online agencies ; “our favorite hotel” …
So why are hotels on or Expedia ?
For example, pays millions of US dollars each year to Google to always be at
the top of the search engine. The hotels registered on thus benefit from a
referencing said natural and also go up in the ranking of Google. Hotels that are not
registered on are almost invisible on the internet.
What are the benefits for the hotelier ?
None but it remains visible on the net. Otherwise it would only exist on traditional guides ;
Routard, Michelin, GeoGuide, Lonely Planet, Rick’s Steeve, Rough Guide…
How to book and pay less ?
Online travel agencies have powerful tools, very well studied and benefit from very
powerful marketing means. They allow to have a quick view of the hotel offering in the city
where you want to stay. Do your research via these tools then go directly to the hotel
website where you will find an online booking engine that is almost similar and as easy to
use as OTAs.
Adopt a citizen attitude
OTAs have negotiated a very favorable tax regency in some countries for their locations in
Europe. The head offices of these companies are located in fiscal paradises. Therefore,
despite a significant turnover achieved in our territory they do not pay any taxes or social
charges in France!

This document is just a briefing note